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 Dec 14 2010
I ended around 60 in the main event in Venlo on December 11th. I was a complete jojo going from a 10k starting stack to 2,5k to 13k to 790(!)chips to 28k. But at the end I took too much chance, didn't connect and went out with A8 against 99.
The day after I played the €110 FO and that went very well. Making use of the 'turbo' structure of 20 mins levels and a starting stack of only 3k, I went into 'agressive' mode and tried to accumulate as many chips as soon as possible.
That worked pretty good especially when I won a big pot with KJ. On a board KQTT3 (3 clubs) my opponent bet 14k making a pot of around 60k. After tanking I called and he showed AQ making me chipleader. I kept pounding and ended 2th at the end after loosing a flip with 99 against KT.
Photos will follow a.s.a.p.
 Nov 28 2010
No luck at the BSOP. I started well with 13k but ran with my flopped set of threes into a flopped set of fives and lost 8k. After that I had to gamble which ended with A9 against 99.
 Nov 14 2010
The MCOP in Amsterdam is over, unfortunately with no result for me. All reports and photos are now on the Live poker page.
 Oct 16 2010
I started wel during the Dutch Open on October 15th. Within the hour I increased my stack from 10k to 15k. But after that I made a few loose calls, got caught with a bluff, and finally lost my stack with 2 pair against a straight. Looking back I think I played poorly.
Luckily the 5/5 cash game afterwards went excellent. The money I won there is equal to the 13th place in the Dutch Open. ;-)
 Sep 28 2010
No results in the tournaments during the Euregio Poker Challenge in Valkenburg. However the cash tables generated enough money to break even.
I also appear in the live broadcast (in Dutch) of Poker Inside, hosted by Rolf Slotboom and Nicky Roeg.

 Sep 16 2010
The next poker event I will play is the Euregio Poker Challenge 2010 in Venlo, The Netherlands. It's from September 23 till 26. I will play all events.
 Sep 6 2010
August was a bad month for poker. My bankroll went down 40%. :-( Fortunately September started much better. In 6 days I managed to regain a third of my August loss. Talk about variance! :-D
 Jul 30 2010
Back from HC Leeuwarden. 1st in 60 euro FO, 31 players. My wife was 2nd. Small win but heads-up against the wife is always fun! :-) There was even a mention on Pokercity.
 Jul 19 2010
The ViP Days Holiday edition in Venlo is over. I played the €330 Freeze Out, the main event, and the €110 FO. None of them with a money result. Details and photos are available.
 Jun 4 2010
I ended 5th at the main event in North Sea Poker Classics 2010 in Scheveningen and had my second best result ever! :-D
 May 15 2010
No luck at the main event, nor at the €330 bounty although I got 2 bounty's. :-) Details and photos about the 4 days at the Twente Classics are HERE.
Conclusion: a great week with my best result ever! WOW
 May 14 2010
I became 2nd at the €110 rebuy during the Twente Classics. :-) An event I hadn't even planned to play! More details soon. For now it's a quick shower and off to play the main event.
 May 6 2010
On May 12th I'll be playing the Twente Classics team event with Samir Haddad. Samir is someone I met during the home games. He will take care of the Omaha part.
I'm also playing the main event on May 14th.
You can follow the live report and/or the live stream on
More info about me on this website or on Twitter.
 Apr 23 2010
I've added a link to my Twitter account. It's the bird right-top. :-)
 Apr 2 2010
Monday and Thursday I used to play poker at HC Utrecht and Leeuwarden but I've decided to stop that. The reason is their silly clothing rules. Every time I entered the casino I felt like I criminal, and that all because I'm wearing a jacket with a hood! So that's another 3 visitors gone for Thursday, and at least one for Monday/Sunday.
Apparently they rather spent their money on restyling their website than making tickets available for every tournament through the website. I've said it before: HC is a company that wants to be something that they are not, and never will be. It's a matter of time before they will lose their monopoly, and will close down. A real shame for the hard working people on the floor!
 Mar 2 2010
Another sick beat, and it looks like by bad run of last year is back. :-( Tonight the money went in with 79 against 89 on a flop 8TJ. So my opponent had 2% change to win (20% to tie). But then runner J and J came! Unbelievable.
 Mar 1 2010
I will not play in Venlo during the VIP-Days. I'm not completely satisfied with my current poker playing (and luck ;-)), so playing there is probably just a waste of money. For now I will keep playing on Monday evening in HC Utrecht, and some home games during the rest of the week.
 Feb 16 2010
After running bad for almost 2 months, the last 2 weeks went much better in poker. Last night I finally made some money when I ended 5th on the Monday night in Utrecht.
 Jan 27 2010
Satellite for the main event of the DOM Classics.
It wasn't meant to be. With no rebuys and one add-on, I went to the dinner break with a 20K stack. But after dinner nothing went right anymore. I lost with AK from TT, and then with AK from 78. :-( After that I called some other all-in's but somehow everything went wrong. So finally after winning some coinflips, I went all-in and lost. Oh well. At least the cash table brought me some 700+ Euro. :-)
 Jan 23 2010
I ended #8 in the DOM Classics, Utrecht €250 Texas Hold'em, No Limit event! At the end my 99 didn't hold up against my opponent's AQ. A shame but being #8 in a field of 219 players and earning 1250 Euro is not too bad. ;-)
 Jan 22 2010
I ended 5th at the
Pokerranking final table
of the Monday evening. It was an interesting match. I entered as 10th in chip stack but managed to hold-on until my A4 ran into A3 with a 3 on the turn. A shame but before my AQ vs AK made a split pot so no complaints here. I went home with 910 Euro. :-)
 Jan 16 2010
I performed in Theatre de Enck in Oirschot with Ron Boots, Harold & Eric van der Heijden, FD Projekt and Bas Broekhuis. It was a 2+ hours concert!
Click on the YouTube logo to watch the video on Youtube.

Here are more photos, videos and reactions.

 Jan 6 2010
I played the strangest hand ever. It happened on Full Tilt Poker.
Click on the picture right and see for yourself!
 Jan 2 2010
I've become #136 in the Unibet PokerCity Player of the Year 2009. Sounds good, but I hope that 2010 is MUCH better. ;-)
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 Dec 12 2009
I played for 3 days during the ViP Days X-Mas Edition in Venlo. Every day there was a NLHE freeze out event.
 Nov 13 2009
Today I played the €800 NL Holdem FO poker event at the MCOP in Amsterdam. It lasted about an hour. I had KK. The flop was 68J, the turn K and the river a 5 ~ My opponent had 9T ugh :-(
 Oct 24 2009
I went out as 70th in the Dutch Open 2009 Poker tournament. I'm sure I could have made it to day two as on of the 54 players, but my health didn't allow it. In the morning I was already in great doubt whether to go or not, and several times during the day I wondered what I was doing there.
I had a fever, was noxious, my stomach ached and I could hardly keep my eyes open at the beginning. During the dinner break I even slept for an hour in my car.
So after almost 10 hours I decided to gamble: either I got a big stack and come back the day after or I would go home. I didn't want to make the trip again for maybe an hour of poker.
So with KT I went all-in on a board of QJ2. The turn was a T and the river a K but unfortunately my opponent had AA and made a straight.
Here are the extracts of the live report.
 Oct 1 2009
Last Sunday, October 4th, I played a satellite for the €1500 MCOP in Amsterdam. The satellite ended nasty when all the money went in on the flop when my 9T flopped 2 pair on a 9T2 board against my openent's KK. The turn was a J but the river was an ugly 2 which meant the end for me. A real shame.

I will definitively participate in the Dutch Open in Rotterdam on October 23th.

PokerCity does a live report of all Holland Casino Series of Poker tournaments. There's a leaderboard on which I'm currently #48.
 Sep 27 2009
Last night I ended second in the live forum tournament of Pokercity. The tournament was held in Amsterdam and it was great fun. On Youtube is a 5 mins movie about the event.
 Sep 19 2009
Back from the Euregio Poker Challenge 2009.
 Sep 9 2009
I'm playing all events of the Euregio Poker Challenge in Valkenburg. It starts on September 17th with a €100 NLH freeze-out and a day later with a €200 NLH freeze-Out.

Saturday the 19th is day one of the €500 NLH freeze-out main event, and on Sunday there's a €200 NLH bounty.

Maybe I see you there.
 Aug 29 2009
The €440 bounty wasn't a success either. I was eliminated after 2 hours of playing. I rivered 2 pair but my opponent a straight.
 Aug 28 2009
I was knocked out of the main event quite early. With 9T I put the rest of my chips in against A3 on a board of 456T. I was a 60% favorite but when the A hit the river I was busted.
 Aug 26 2009
I ended 66th in the NLH 110 rebuy of the Summer Classics 2009. Although I was an almost 70% favorite unfortunately my hand KJ did not held up on a flop of AK2 against 58. When I pushed all-in on the flop my opponent felt committed enough to call after which a 4 appeared on the turn.
 Aug 23 2009
I ended 16th in the NLH freeze-out 330 of the Summer Classics 2009 and took home 684. Not bad but I sure wished my A8 would have won from my opponents QT. If it would then I would have had a stack of around 40K, and a good change at the final table.
 Jul 23 2009
Today, July 26th, I managed to win a ticket for the main event of the Summer Classics in Utrecht so I will definitively participate on August 23rd in the 330 Hold'em, No Limit, FO; on August 26th in the 110 rebuy Hold'em; and on the 28th of August in the main event.
 Jul 22 2009
Rob Hartemink has created another YouTube movie with music from my song "Travel" from the "Slices of Time" CD.
You can watch it too on YouTube or download it as an FLV file so you can watch it anytime.
Travel on YouTube
 Jul 5 2009
I played poker at the VIP days in Venlo, The Netherlands. Unfortunately without success. The first day I got an early suck-out, and during the second day and the main event I was pretty much card-dead. A little frustrated I decided to go all-in with AQ, only to be called by someone with AK.
 May 31 2009
On May 29th 2009 I participated in the main event of the North Sea Poker Classics in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. I ended 5th. That's my best result, and highest cash, in a major event up to now.
 Apr 18 2009
On April 11th Ron Boots and I hosted the E-Day 2009 festival. Main act was John Dyson, supporting acts were Gert Emmens and F.D. Project. The festival was held in Theater De Enck in Oirschot, The Netherlands and the day was a big success.
Thomas Broich made a video impression of the day including concert fragments and interviews with Gert Emmens, John Dyson, Ron Boots and more. You can find it at and you can see and hear me around 6:35 in part 1.
 Mar 4 2009
Announcement on Radio Ridderkerk
On March 6 I was interviewed by Tim van Veen on Radio Ridderkerk. The complete broadcast is available.
 Feb 18 2009
A fan of mine, Rob Hartemink, has created a YouTube movie containing a lot of Eire photos. For the background music he choose the track "Eire" from my cd "Slices of Time". I must say that I really like it.

You can watch it too on YouTube or download it as an FLV file so you can watch it anytime.

Eire on YouTube
 Jan 25 2009
I had not much luck during the DOM Classics. I participated in the 440 no-limit freeze-out and lost 2 essential hands. vs and s in a 3-way pot against o and o. So I ended somewhere around place 100 in a 218 players field.