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 Nov 24 2008
I appear (twice, around 1:08 and 1:12) in the promo leader for the 2009 poker 'DOM Classics' championships.
 Oct 26 2008
I decided to offer two free downloads for the people that buy my new cd "If One Door Closes" from Groove Unlimited. The first track is an alternate version of the track "The Sun Shines, The World Smiles". It has a complete different beginning. Track 2 is a highly energetic, live version of "Surfacing from Beyond". It was performed by James Clent and me in Essen, Germany on January 26 1998.
 Oct 13 2008
I'm the god of hellfire and I bring you...
Who doesn't know these words from the song FIRE of Arthur Brown? Well, yesterday, during our yearly E-Live festival, I met Arthur. A very nice man with still a great voice.
 Sep 1 2008
My new cd "If One Door Closes" is finished. The music was already finished but I wanted to add several effects to make the complete cd 'flow' like a total. I'm very content with the end result.
 Aug 28 2008
I've participated in the poker tournament SUMMER CLASSICSClick Me for a picture in Holland Casino, Utrecht. I didn't end up in the money but I did reach the bubbleClick Me for a picture once. Courtesy of there's a short movie about the event in which you can also see me (0:18, 0:38 and 0:42).
 Apr 1 2008
Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden, Henri Peters and I perform live during the E-Day 2008 festival. A short (14secs) poor quality clip is available. Main act was Tangerine Dream. On the photo from left to right: Kees, Henri, Ron.

Photo by: Andre Stooker
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 Dec 1 2007
Ron Boots and I travelled to Vienna to discuss with Edgar Froese and his wife Bianca a performance on E-Day 2008. It was a very pleasant meeting and we think it will work out. We're extremely proud of this as Tangerine Dream is the top of the line for us.

Edgar and Bianca

Ron phoning home
 Oct 30 2007
A second track for the new 2008 album is finished. Rough groundwork for a third track is done.
 Oct 10 2007
Some photos taken during E-Live 2007.

Ian Boddy, Kees, Mark Shreeve

Kees, Erik Wollo, Bert Strolenberg
 Jul 1 2007
I finished the first track for my new album which is scheduled for 2008. The provisionary title for the new album is 'If one door closes, another one opens'. The groundwork for a second track is done.
 Feb 1 2007
Sad news. We have to stop with E-dition magazine. On the one hand I'm glad because it took so much time of my time, but on the other hand I'm very sad that there's no market for it.
Oh well, we tried. And we have 16 magazines with 16 unique cds as a legacy.