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 Jul 8 2024
I won the PCL. It’s a fun competition from Pokercity. Years ago during Covid I helped them start that competition. And now, I won season #7. Great! Good luck guys. Keep it going!

Report on Pokercity

 Jun 17 2024
I'm back from Valkemburg. PLayed 4 tournaments and got in the money twice. So an excellent result. My wife had a lot of fun in the Spa, so everybody's happy. :-)
 May 15 2024
Wow, that was the worst run I ever had. :-(
I was in Venlo last week to play the WSOP. But boy, did I run bad. My aces got cracked three times. The last one pfai against KK with immediately a king in the window.
But just like me you're probably not interested in bad beat stories, so I won't mention anymore. :-) Let's forget Venlo a.s.a.p. and look to the future.

Tonight I'm going to Utrecht with my friend Peter to play a small turbo event of 150 euro. So let's have some fun!!

PS: Did I already told you that we moved to a new house? Yes, we did and we love it!

 Mar 22 2024
I ended 25th in the WPT main, Amsterdam. I was doing great but lost 2 flips, AJ-TT and QQ-AK, and then it was over. A real shame but nothing you can do about. I brought home €6137. And I ended on place #20 in the highroller.
 Feb 16 2024
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 Feb 12 2024
The Utrecht Poker Series are finished. I made 3 small cashes. Nothing special. I played ok to well, mostly managed to get a big stack early, but somehow it went wrong in the latter stages. Something for me to evaluate.

More important for me is the fact that the move to our new appartment has finished. Pff, moving house gives stress, if you want it or not.

Coming up poker-wise is a discussion with Holland Casino about the current poker status. And after that it's the WPT in Amsterdam.
 Jan 1 2024
A new year so all the best wishes for 2024! A good health and lots of happiness!
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 Dec 23 2023
Happy Christmas everybody!
 Dec 11 2023
Busy, busy, busy. Not with poker this time but with moving house! We’ve bought an apartment which we are decorating and furnishing now. We’re really moving at the end of January. But until then there’s a lot of work to do. The only planned live poker is the Dutch Open in Breda on January 12.
 Nov 18 2023
The MCOP has ended for me. Twice in the money, and a good cash session was enough to make the week profitable. However, to be honest, the target was to make a deep run and collect a ‘bordje’. No such luck, so maybe next year. For now I’m gonna focus on moving house in December. Next poker event will be the Dutch Open in January.
 Oct 30 2023
Pff, tough week in Holland Casino Breda. I played about every tournament but, beside a 5th place in a tiny side event, got nowhere. In almost every tournament I managed to gather a big stack (5-10x the start stack) but after that I still lost it all. Maybe it's a flaw in my game but I guess I have to think about that some more. The cash games however were excellent. I played 10-10-20 several nights and in the end those results made up for all the tournament cost.
Next up is the MCOP in Amsterdam which starts next Friday. In the meantime I'm busy moving house. Take care.
 Sep 22 2023
I became second in the UPS highroller mystery bounty for 14.275 euro. And 13th in a small side event for 673 euro.
 Sep 3 2023
Excellent result in Valkenburg. I ended 4th in the main event for 15.051 euro.
 Aug 15 2023
No luck in the Amsterdam Poker Series. So not much to tell. 😀
 Jun 25 2023
I reached the ft in the EPS with an excellent stack. But unfortunately everything went wrong. I lost with KK from K9. With AQ from 88, and more flips. So I ended 8th. Not bad but not what I had hoped. Next stop? I don’t know yet. :-)
 May 15 2023
Pff, very bad week in Venlo during the WSOP poker tournaments. In the main it all went well until I got it in on the flop as a 95% favorite. After I lost that pot, nothing succeeded anymore. So let's quickly forget that. ;-)
Next stop is Enschede. A new tournament with new energy. Until then I keep working on the new app, and enjoying life! One of the most important things!
 Apr 1 2023
I played 6 tournaments during the WPT in Amsterdam, and got 4x in the money. So 6k+ this week. Excellent.
 Jan 30 2023
I was in Namur for the last few days. No result in tournaments nor at the cash tables, so something to forget quickly. :-).
As of tomorrow I play Utrecht. Let’s go!
 Jan 11 2023
My first big win online! I became third in the DCOP for 21.000 Euro plus an additional 7.500 euro of tournament ticktets. An excellent start of 2023. :-)