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Kees Aerts

Kees Aerts is born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and originates from the I.T. business where he worked as programmer and system designer/analyst.
In English his name is pronounced as case, like suitcase (without the suit).

He starts playing synthesizer around 1982. At that time he's a DJ at a local radio station and he uses the synth for several jingles. That synth was a Realistic MG-1, bought at the local Tandy store.

He starts making music with Eric Vermeulen under the name EEKA. They release one cassette called 'Pluggen', but just when the second cassette 'Soms ben je alleen' is finished, they break up and all copies are destroyed. During the rest of the eighties and early nineties he writes and records his own music but none of it's released at that time.

In 1991 he's asked to compose the music for a police education film called 'Héé... Kun je niet uitkijken!'. It's a film about kids being careless in traffic. The film is shown in schools all over the Netherlands. You can watch the film on YouTube.

In 1995 Kees becomes partner of Ron Boots in Groove Unlimited (at that time CUE Records NL). A few years later he's forced to leave the I.T. company, where he worked for 24+ years, and starts his own company I.T. company called A-biz.

Kees releases his first solo album 'Slices of Time' in October 1997.

During the next years he does life performances and composes music, solo and with Ron Boots. The two also organize a new fair called 'DJ-Expo' in Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

From 2004 till 2007 Kees is editor-in-chief of Edition, a magazine about Electronic Music. Contents and details are on this website.

His second solo CD 'If One Door Closes...' is released in October 2008.

In June 2011 Kees leaves Groove Unlimited. Main reason is the reduction in sales of Electronic Music over the last few years. Ron Boots will continue Groove Unlimited, and we are parting as friends.

These days Kees still does an occasional IT job and web design, travels the world with his wife Jaska, and spents a lot of time on his hobby playing poker. He won the €330 NLHE Freeze Out in Venlo, The Netherlands on July 5th 2013, and got the trophy to prove it.

In August 2014 Kees gave an interview (in Dutch) to Mark Roovers of PokerCity about his life and more. You can read the interview on their website or read/download the pdf file.

On October 6th 2015 Kees wins the WPT National in Valkenburg, The Netherlands. He beats a field of 390 players.

Another great victory. On September 4th 2022 Kees becomes the new Belgium poker champion. He wins the Unibet Belgium Poker Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. He came first in a field of 650 players and earned 55.330 euro.