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Below are several links to YouTube videos.


Dec 8 2018
1st in main event Venlo Poker Series. Highlights.

Dec 8 2018
Interview (in Dutch) with Pieter Salet of after winning the main event.

Dec 18 2015
First in Dutch Open Bounty Event. Introduction of final table. Front camera.

Dec 18 2015
Dutch Open Bounty Event. Short photo shoot with runner-up Sven Jacobs.

Nov 14 2015
MCOP, introduction of 330 event.

Oct 1 2015
First in WPT National Valkenburg. This is a video recap.

Jun 1 2012
Entrance to the final table of the 110 euro rebuy in HC Enschede. I ended third.

Jul 16 2011
The Holland Poker Experience in Las Vegas had the slogan `Hooters, shooting, helicopter`. A visit to the Gun Store realised the second part of the slogan. And how!

Jul 13 2011
Poker Inside #6, live from Las Vegas. Here are some markers:
16:30 Visit to the Naked Fish restaurant
18:30 Start of helicopter flight over Vegas
20:10 Couch discussion
32:30 I talk about my exit hand

Jul 9 2011
Poker Inside #2 from PokerCity.
Kees Aerts... Voor fe Wynn! It starts around 13:00

Sep 26 2010
Interview by Rolf Slotboom and Nicky Roeg for Poker Inside. Live from Holland Casino Valkenburg.

Jan 25 2010
Introduction to the Final Table during the Dom Classics 2010.

Oct 24 2009
Dutch Open 2009 exit interview with Fatima Moreira de Melo. I was sitting for 9 hours next to Fatima and you can see me from 0:56 till 1:02. Yes folks, SEVEN whole seconds! :-)

Sep 26 2009
First PokerCity live forum tournament in Cafe De Schutter in Amsterdam. With several forum members and celebrities like Frank Lammers, Pieter de Korver, Horace Cohen, Ruben van der Meer and Rolf Slotboom. I ended second.

Sep 14 2009
Promo leader for the 2009 'DOM Classics' poker championships.
I appear twice. Around 1:08 and 1:12.


Jan 18 2010
2+ hours live performance in Theatre de Enck, Oirschot with Ron Boots, Harold & Eric van der Heijden, FD Projekt and Bas Broekhuis.

Sep 14 2009
Video made by Rob Hartemink.
It contains lots of Eire photos.
Background music is `Eire` from my cd `Slices of Time`.

Sep 14 2009
Video made by Rob Hartemink.
Background music is `Travel` from my cd `Slices of Time`.

April 1990
`Hee... Kun je niet uitkijken!` is an education film from 1990 for which I wrote the music. This film (Dutch spoken) tells children how to behave in traffic.