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Photos from my travels, events, and my youth. They span from 1953 till today.

In September I won the Belgium Poker Championship. (2022)

With the family in Holysloot (2021)

Commentary during the ONKP final (2020)

11th place in main event of the MCOP in Amsterdam (2019)

2nd place in main event of Leeuwarden Poker Series (2018)

WPT Deep Stacks Amsterdam (2017)

As extra in the movie 'Bonne Chance' (2016)

In December I won the NLHE Bounty Event in HC Breda (2015)

WPT Bruxelles, Belgium (2015)

In October I won the WPT Valkenburg. On the photo with the Pokercity crew (2015)

In January my 5th grandchild was born. A girl named Amé (2015)

I gave a poker clinic for Holland Casino during the Millionairs fair in the RAI, Amsterdam (2014)

Live report for with Mark Roovers (2014)

Kings Day, Harderwijk. With daughter and daughter in law (2014)

Planken Wambuis, Netherlands. We love good food (2013)

Won my first HC event in Venlo, Netherlands (2013)

Queens day, Amsterdam. Before the Rijksmuseum (2012)

WSOP, Las Vegas. Playing poker with Daniel Negreanu (2012)

View from Wynn hotel room, Las Vegas (2012)

Jaska before our BMW X5. Somewhere near Lelystad (2012)

For the Wynn, Las Vegas
where we stayed 3 weeks (2011)

Strip, Las Vegas.
With Rolf Slotboom (2011)

Won the Diemen Open. A small home game (2011)

Jaska, daughter and friend in Peru (2010)

With wife and son in Batavia Stad (2009)

Promoting my new CD on Radio Ridderkerk with host Tim van Veen (2009)

Playing poker with my son and friends (2009)

Giethoorn, The Netherlands (2008)

Cruising through Holland in our cabrio (2008)

Enjoying life (and food!) in Italy (2007)

With the family (2007)

With daughter in Italy (2007)

Pearl Harbour (2007)

Jaska parasailing on Hawai (2007)

Diamond Head, Hawai (2007)

Moesel, Germany with my wife (2007)

In Vienna with Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), and his wife Bianca (2007)

I always wanted to drive a Ford Mustang (2006)

With granddaughter Domenica in Spain (2006)

Near San Francisco (2006)

Phoning home from the States (2006)

View from the Pacific Coast Highway (2006)

Travelling in style (2006)

Zabriskie Point (2006)

Alcatraz prison, San Francisco (2006)

At Universal Studios (2006)

On the stage of Monterey Pop where Jimi Hendrix performed in 1967 (2006)

At the David Copperfield show in Las Vegas (2006)

Gambling in Las Vegas (NO poker!) (2006)

With a chopper inside the Grand Cayon (2006)

In Spain with daughter and grandchildren (2006)

With Jaska my wife in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands (2005)

Interviewing Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk) for magazine Edition, (2005)

In studio Klaus Schulze, Hambühren, Germany (2003)

Great transport! (2002)

In Key West, Florida (2002)

Promo photo with Boots & H vd Heijden (2002)

In Brighton, England before the Soft Cell show (2001)

Sightseeing in London (1997)

Working in Malmo, Sweden. I am on the right (1986)

With Jaska in Citadelle de Dinant, Belgium (1983)

Failed for basic IT exam. After that I spent 30+ years in IT :-) (1978)

Entrance card for Amphilex, Amsterdam (1977)

Playing poker with friends. I am on the left (1972)

My seventies look (1971)

The seventies look of Jaska (1971)

In another photo booth. After a while it became a challenge to get as many people in as possible (1970)

Madurodam (1969)

In my room (1969)

Jaska and I in a photo booth (1969)

At school (1960)

Isn't he lovely? (1954)

With my mother (1953)