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 Dec 30 2012
On December 28th I played the 330fo, and on December 29th the 770fo, both in Valkenburg, The Netherlands. I busted early in the 330 but ended 18th in the 770fo. Although it was just outside the money, I was still satisfied with my performance as I was short all day but still managed to stay alive. I finally lost with AK against KK, preflop all-in.
 Nov 21 2012
On November 21st I played the €550 fo in Nijmegen and ended 24th (13 itm). It went fine all day, never was short on chips, but at the end I lost with queens from aces (preflop all-in).
 Nov 7 2012
I failed in the satelite for the Dutch Open, and as only the top 100 was allowed to directly buy-in (I was 102), it was over.
Also nothing special in the MCOP €1590 FO. It was the usual 'yoyo-ing'. From 15k to 8k to 18k to 12k and out.
I did manage to win a ticket for the main event in the satelite. But the main event itself was no success. After 5 hours of play I raised with AQ, got called, and got the flop A89. Villain checked, I bet, he raised, I reraised, he rereraised, and I went allin. He called with A7, and unfortunately I got no help.
The €825 was a rollercoaster, from 8k to 1650-13k-1475-26k-out, and Sunday the €330 was a complete crapshoot. Every minute a player was eliminated. It had little to do with poker. Luckily I had an excellent cash session afterwards.
 Oct 13 2012
The next events I'm playing is a satellite for the Dutch Open on October 23rd, a satellite for the MCOP Main Event on November 6th, and the €300 speed event on November 10th, all in Amsterdam.
 Oct 1 2012
Had a great 4 days in Valkenburg. Lots of laughs, and I also helped the crew of Pokercity with some live commentary.
Especially the final table of the main event was a real thriller!
The 3 tournaments I played all ended with nothing. Not one time could I get things started, and my current `jojo` performances continued. Luckily there's always the cash table(s), which made it all free, and even returned some pocket money. :-)
 Sep 15 2012
No luck in main event Scheveningen. The playable hands I got didn't connect with the board, and the best hand lost the coinflip against . Well, these things happen. Next up is HC Valkenburg at the end of the month.
 Aug 28 2012
I just booked tickets for HC Scheveningen ME on Sept 14th, and 3 tournaments in HC Valkenburg (550, 330, 1080) on Sept 27-29th.
 Jul 28 2012
Spent 3 weeks in Vegas but now I'm back for a week. I've already played two home games, which I both won, so apparently I've learned something in Vegas. :-P
At the end of August I will spent a week in Spain, visiting my mother, but also playing in the local casino(s). After that my plan is to play some tournaments in Holland Casino. Certain is Valkenburg, likely is Scheveningen, and uncertain is Breda. I'll keep you all posted.
 Jul 4 2012
Event #54 was quite uneventful so I decided to play next day's $1500 and this went much better. Within 2 hours my starting stack of 4500 was up to 17k, and the following levels also went well. Unfortunately I lost almost all my stack in a pot against Daniel Negreanu. He opened with AJ, I reraised with AK, and we saw an Axx flop. I bet, he calls. Turn J :-(
With 3bb left I tripled in a 3-way pot with 45s against TT and KK. And after another double I managed to get to day 2. When 8 players were eliminated I was itm, but with hardly any playable hands I struggled to stay in the tournament. Then, with 111 players left, I decided to make a move.
Utg had opened (nothing special), when another player said raise and threw in a 5k chip. He hadn't seen the first raise.
Of course much confusion: was it a raise, if yes how much? So the brush was called who eventually decided to a minraise. With all that hassle I hoped to pick up the pot with my last 12bb, and pushed with J9. The first opener had AK so he also went all-in, so now headsup, I knew I had to be lucky. Window card J, followed by a K :mad: So, that was it. I ended #111.
 Jun 4 2012
Las Vegas here I come! I will play event #54 and #59, both $1000 events, during the WSOP.
I'm leaving at the end of this month.
 May 27 2012
Today I have played the €330 bounty in Enschede. I won one bounty and then ran into with and it was over.
 May 25 2012
Wow, I reached another final table! This time in the €110 rebuy in HC Enschede.
I became 3rd of 118 players. The whole day I played well, so I'm extremely pleased with this result. It's clear to me that now my physical problems are gone I can really compete in this kind of tournaments.
Pokercity didn't cover this tournament, but there's a YouTube video of my entrance to the final table.
 May 24 2012
Today I've played the €550 team event in Enschede with Farit. I didn't get any playable hands so I basically folded in all 4 levels of Hold'em. My partner on the other hand went from 10k to 8k to 24k to 15k to zero in the PLO part. As I don't play PLO I can't comment on any of his plays, but I hope that at least he had fun! :)
 May 21 2012
I've added details and photos of the €330 FO and main event in Valkenburg. Also added are Nijmegen and Rotterdam of April 2012.
Two new photos of 2012, and one photo of 1978 have been added to the Around the world webpage.
My cd "Slices of Time" has a new review (in Dutch).
 May 13 2012
I reached the final table of the main event and ended third. I'm very content. It was about time that I had a good tournament result! :cool:
 May 11 2012
The €220 was a disappointment but I did very well in €330fo where I ended 7th. I lost a pretty crucial hand, 66 against 67, when the flop was 77. After that I had to shove with A2, and got called by KK, no help. But I`m glad with my overal play, and that`s what matters. Tomorrow is the main event. Let`s try to win that.
 Apr 26 2012
I ended 15th in the Nijmegen ME (13 in the money) and I had to work hard all day to get there. All my big hands didn't get paid, so I had to get my chips with creative playing, and that went pretty good. Until the end when I lost a crucial coin flip, J9 against A3. After that lost hand I had to push all-in and it was over.
All in all I was content with my play. Let's hope next month's Valkenburg is a *real* winner.
 Apr 17 2012
I just booked tickets for the 550fo on April 25 in HC Nijmegen. A casino I've never been before. I've also booked HC Valkenburg for May 10-12 (220/330/770).
 Apr 13 2012
Yesterday I played the 550fo in HC Rotterdam. Unfortunately without result because in the 3rd level this happened:
Someone opens with 350, sb calls, I (bb) raise to 1050 with AQ, sb calls. Flop 67J. I bet 1300, sb calls. Turn A. I bet 2300 (with 2100 behind), sb calls (for half her stack). River 5. sb immediately goes all-in. I suspect AJ but can't fold anymore, so call. She shows 89!? :-/
Cash didn't go much better. Flips aren't too bad but I seem to loose all 70-30 and 80-20's currently.
 Apr 1 2012
The main event was a disappointment too. After 2,5 hours of patient play I was up to 16k when I lost 12k when I hit trips on the flop, and someone hit his flush on the river. I came back to 6k but lost with against , and against . Game over.
I managed to win some money in the cash game, but the feeling remains that with some luck/flips on my site, I could have come far.
 Mar 30 2012
No result in €330fo either. Lost 1k of my 5k starting stack to a 3-outer, and the rest with , flop , turn , he plays .
 Mar 29 2012
No success in the €220 fo in HC Venlo. My plan was to take it easy and wait for good hands but somehow I got involved in 2 pots that took 60% of my 5k starting stack. Finally I squeezed with off for 8bb and got an instant call from a guy with . No help from the board so day 1 was over. I played some cash afterwards with no result. I stopped early as I got annoyed from a dealster who took 40+ seconds to deal every hand. Boring, and as a result the table brook up early.
 Feb 25 2012
I just booked tickets for the HC Venlo series that start on March 29. I will play all 4 events.
 Feb 13 2012
So far this year has passed with working on new websites and applications. So no poker tournaments, just the occasional home game. I hope to play some HC Venlo tournaments in March but I haven't booked anything yet.
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 Dec 17 2011
Had the final kidney check-up last week and I'm officially declared `healthy` . :-D The doctor did warn me to be careful with a.o. tea, canned food, and to drink a lot. After a year I have to report back for a new check.
I'm very glad this is all behind me for now. I now also realize that this had way more affect on my poker game than I thought. I played a few live games this month and I noticed that 1) my confidence is back, 2) I play more aggressive, 3) I accept bad beats easier, and 4) my bankroll is up. Great.
The next big live event will probably be the Dom Classics in Utrecht at the end of January.
 Nov 13 2011
The MCOP in Amsterdam is over. I played 3 events and never had the feeling that I could make something happening.
Like the song from Traffic: no face, no name, no number. In poker terms it was: no hits, no draws, no connection.
Full details are in my MCOP report.
 Nov 3 2011
It's getting better all the time so I've decided to play the satellite for the main event of the MCOP in Amsterdam on November 8th.
And I will play the Main Event regardless of whether I win or lose the satellite. In both cases I will sell at least 50% and will play. :-)
 Oct 27 2011
One day after my kidney stones operation. The operation was not as bad as I expected. At the last moment I decided to go for a partial anaesthetic and I'm glad I did that. During the operation I listened to the Stones (no pun intended) twice as the operation took more than an hour, and I could talk with the anesthetist and ask for extra anesthetic when my back *really* started to hurt.
But today is not a good day to say it mildly :-( Wow! I will spare you the details but I'm sure every guy knows how it feels... :rolleyes:
 Oct 13 2011
Not much poker or anything else for that matter. For the last month I'm suffering from kidney stones (again). It's one stone of 2mm and one of 8(!)mm. And as both refuse to leave my body the "normal" way I'll have to be operated in 2 weeks. During that time I have to take medication to give my body a last chance. :-/
 Sep 24 2011
Couldn't make it to Valkenburg either. My health didn't allow it. A real shame as the last time I ended 3x in the money in 3 tournaments. Plus I also like Valkenburg a lot. Nice people, nice atmosphere. Oh well, that's life. Maybe next time.
 Sep 6 2011
I've decided to skip the Scheveningen tournaments. I'm currently running bad so I prefer to wait until the end of the month and play Valkenburg. I like Valkenburg better plus I can combine it with a small holiday. ;-)
 Aug 19 2011
I updated my website with the poker events of the last half year. Amongst them was my WSOP 2011 participation. Beside the main event it also contains photos and YouTube movies of my stay in Las Vegas.
 Jul 14 2011
I appear in Poker Inside from pokercity, live from Las Vegas.

The couch discussion starts around 20:13, I tell about my exit hand from the main event around 32:30.
 Jul 10 2011
Unfortunately I was out after 5 hours.
In short: cutoff opens again, he has 60k and became more and more agressive; I find 89, flop is 57Q; he cbets 1/2 pot; I minraise; he makes 3x my bet (around 10k); I shove (around 20k); hij calls with A2; no help.
But luckily there are still enough cash games available. I played twice in the Wynn with excellent result, so our stay here will remain pleasant. :-)
 Jul 9 2011
Arrived in Las Vegas. Did an interview with Pokercity, took a look in the WSOP hall, and played cash in the Wynn with good result. :-)
 Jul 8 2011
Leaving Dallas for Las Vegas. Sunday I play day 1D of the WSOP main event.
 Jul 3 2011
I arrived in Dallas, TX and it's very hot here, 38+ degrees. On Pokercity is a small interview with me in Dutch.
 Jul 1 2011
I will play the Main Event No-Limit Hold'em Championship (Event #58) of the WSOP in Las Vegas. It starts on July 7th but the first day I will play is day 1D on Sunday, July the 10th. I will send updates through Twitter. Thanks for all the support and wishes.
I'm looking forward to play! USA... Here I come... :-P
 Jun 21 2011
I just won a ticket for the Main Event of the WSOP in Las Vegas after participating in a $535 satellite on Holland Poker. :cool:
There is a report (in Dutch) on Pokercity.
 Jun 5 2011
I reached day 2 of the main event of the Eurogio Poker Challenge in Valkenburg. 5th in chips, 30 players left, 13 in the money. Unfortunately things didn't go my way on day 2. I first lost a 100k pot against a 1-outer, and then the rest against with on a high board. So I ended 12th. Somewhat disappointing for me.
But 3 cashes in 3 tournaments during an enjoyable and sunny week, not bad. :)
 Jun 3 2011
A second cash! A ended 15th in the 330FO. Let's try to reach the final table tomorrow during the main event.
 Jun 2 2011
Ended in the money, as 14th in 220FO. Came back from 1,5bb. Preflop all-in, against . Unfortunately on river. So good start in Valkenburg.
 May 19 2011
I just bought 4 tickets for HC Valkenburg. June 2nd the €220FO, June 3rd the €330FO, on the 4th the €1080 Main Event and on the 5th the €110FO.
 May 17 2011
I ended up with one cash in Enschede. I ended 11th in the 330FO. In the main event I was the bubble (14th). I probably could have folded myself into the money but I came to win and thus decided to coinflip the last hand. All in all I was satisfied with my performances during the week.
Details and photos will follow shortly.
 May 9 2011
I have decided to leave Groove Unlimited, a company I owned with Ron Boots. The press information and reactions can be found on the EMPortal.
 May 7 2011
A week in Enschede...
On Tuesday, May 10th I will play the team event in HC Enschede, on Wednesday the €330 FO, on Thursday the €550 FO, Friday (May 13) the €110 rebuy (where I ended 2nd last year), and one day later the Main Event. Finally on Sunday I will play a qualifier for the Dutch Open 2011.
 Apr 14 2011
On April 16th, Ron Boots and I (Groove Unlimited), hosted the annual E-Day music festival in Oirschot, The Netherlands. We had around 200 visitors who had a great time.
 Apr 3 2011
Sick exit in Venlo VIP days. With pocket the flop comes . Villain bets, I shove, he calls. He has , turn blank, river :-(
 Mar 25 2011
I will play the Main Event in Venlo on April 2nd.
 Mar 18 2011
I have become a member of the 'Raad van Advies' of the Pokerbond (all text in Dutch). Chairman is Rolf Slotboom. I'm not sure what to expect yet but if I can in some way help to promote and/or legalize poker then I'm content.
 Feb 12 2011
February 12th, HC Eindhoven (€550 NLHE): it ended after 2 hours. No draw was completed and twice I had to lay down . So with 12bb left I shoved with and was called with .
 Jan 28 2011
Wednesday I ended 55/159 during the Dom Classics €770 event in HC Utrecht. Today I played the main event and I was out after about 2,5 hours. Again no playable hand at all, and when I tried to make a move I ran into aces.