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 Dec 22 2020
Eindelijk is het zover, na 3 jaar programmeren en testen is mijn nieuwe app beschikbaar. De titel is “Case Closed”. Het is een puzzel app.

In elk level moet je met de hero voldoende punten pakken om de uitgang te openen. Om die punten te krijgen heb je sleutels nodig om deuren te openen, moet je ballonnen vangen, dynamiet opblazen en beestjes inschakelen om schatkisten te openen en nog veel meer.
Het spel heeft 647 levels verdeelt over 20 steden. Het begint simpel maar langzaam komen er steeds meer dingen bij en geleidelijk wordt het moeilijker.

Het spel heeft geen enkele reclame en ook hoef je niets extra’s te kopen om levels op te lossen. Sterker nog, je kan 5 gratis skips krijgen om lastige levels over te slaan. Los je een geskipt level later alsnog op dan krijg je de skip zelfs weer terug!

Enfin, wij denken dat deze app je goed kan helpen om het thuiszitten tijdens de corona epidemie wat leuker te maken.

Op onze website vind je screenshots en nog meer informatie.

Download Case Closed voor IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Download Case Closed voor Android (Samsung++)

 Dec 11 2020
My new app CASE CLOSED is ready and available from the app store. It's companion CASE OPEN is also available. More details will follow in the next weeks...
 Sep 8 2020
Last weekend I was a commentator at the ONK and ONKT poker final. ONK stands for Open Dutch Championship and ONKT for the same but then for teams. In total it was 24+ hours of presenting but all went well not in the least by my co-host Johnnie-Jan Eksteen. Although we never presented together, we had a click right from the start. On YouTube, Twitch and Facebook is a lot of proof. :-) I enjoyed it a lot and it's highly probable that you hear and see more of this in the future.
 Aug 13 2020
The last few months I've been working on two games: the principal one is 'Case Closed'. I've been working on that for more than three years now but finally it's finished. Currently it's been beta tested, all looks good and I expect an official release in the fourth quarter.

The other game is called 'Case Open'. It's a remake of my first game. We got a lot of good suggestions after the release, combined with the knowledge I gathered from 'Case Closed' I decided to remake it, and a release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. The beta testers, who played the original (Smurly the game), tell us that they really like the new version with the new graphics, new levels and new interface. Great!

Still no live poker, as the corona virus is still amongst us, so together with Robert Mol I play and present every Thursday night the Summer series. It's a 6-week event with a stream on and the game is on Pokerstars home games.

And today is my 68th birthday. Sounds strange and high, but the last years I've become used to 60+ years so it doesn't bother me anymore. Frankly I'm looking forward to 70, as long as I can do what I do today. ;-)
 May 29 2020
Still corona crisis so I'm playing more online than ever. Only mid stakes and as I have little patience online, only turbo and hyper tournaments.
Every Thursday for the last weeks I participated in an online home game on Pokerstars. It's a game from Rawphoria a.k.a. the Dutch Online Poker League, and what initially attracted me was the fact that he also did commentary on Twitch.
A few weeks ago Rawphoria asked me if I wanted to be co-commentator which I accepted. So lots of fun every Thursday evening at 20:00. Here are the details of the club in case you want to join:
Club ID number: 2122701
Invitation Code: Rawphoria
Or search on Twitch for Rawphoria or Dutch Online Poker League. There's plenty of footage there.
 Apr 1 2020
The Corona virus is all there is at the moment. 3 weeks ago I was in HC Amsterdam playing day 1A of the WPT main when on 18:00 it was shut down and everybody was refunded. That day we were 10-handed at the table in a room of more than 100 people. Today the instructions are to stay inside as much as possible and if you’re outside to keep a distance of 1,5 meter. How things can change. I spent most of my days working on my new game app. I’ve been working on that for 2,5 years and expect to have it released at the end of this year. Furthermore some online poker. We’ll get by. Take care and be safe!
 Feb 25 2020
I ended 3rd in the PSKO in HC Scheveningen. I won €2808 and €670 in bounty’s. Next up is the WPT in HC Amsterdam in a couple of weeks.
 Feb 10 2020
Beside a 12th place in a side event, I had no results in poker. I’m happy with my play but I seem to lose all important hands. Most of the time l’m 75% or more in front when the chips go in. I know it’s part of poker but I hope that things change soon. :-) Next chance to check that is in 2 weeks during the Scheveningen Poker Series.
 Jan 1 2020
All the best wishes for 2020!!
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 Dec 9 2019
I've ended second in the Dutch Open Ranking 2019. In 2018 I ended fourth so who knows what will happen in 2020. :-)
 Nov 28 2019
And I ended 11th in the main event of the MCOP for 25k. My best result ever.
 Nov 24 2019
I just ended 2nd in the MCOP meets WSOP tournament for 19326 euro. A very good start for the MCOP week.
 Nov 1 2019
I just learned that I’ve been nominated for the dutch Hall of Fame. Wow. I’m surprised and honored. The definitive election is at the end of November.
 Oct 28 2019
I won the 450 prog bounty in HC Breda yesterday for 7k+
 Sep 15 2019
4 cashes in 4 events in HC Utrecht. Very nice. Next stop in 2 weeks in HC Leeuwarden.
 Aug 27 2019
Last week I was in Barcelona, Spain. I couldn't win a hand in the regular tournaments. Lost three times with KK against AQ/AJ. But in the last tournament I played, a Hyper Turbo, I ended third for Euro 31K :-) Next stop is HC Utrecht in September.
 Jun 25 2019
2 final tables in HC Breda, so an excellent result. :-)
 May 31 2019
An excellent month so far. I ended first in the 110 rebuy in HC Amsterdam for 4500 euro, and yesterday I became third in the highroller in HC Valkenburg for 3428 euro. Cant play the main there as this is our family weekend.

Most of my updates are on social media these days, especially Twitter. So follow me there if you really want to be informed. My name is @suitkees
 Apr 21 2019
I ended 24th in the main event with 20 itm. So nice on paper but no real result. I think I played one hand wrong but in general I was card dead. A real shame as there are little opportunities to get in this situation. Today its Sunday and the last chance to win something. 13:00 I play a 330 NLH and then its back home.
 Apr 19 2019
Im in HC Rotterdam this week playing several events. So far I was in the money in the 440 psko with 4 bountys. No luck in the 550 deepstack and the 980 psko 8-max. Today is the 1590 main event, so wish me luck. :-)
 Mar 25 2019
Excellent result in the WPT €890 psko. I was 5th for €3490 with €980 in bountys. Thursday I will play the main. Now a few days of rest.
 Mar 11 2019
I became 26th in the €500 NLHE Deepstack in HC Venlo for €891.
 Feb 24 2019
I ended 22nd in the main. I lost KK from 88 in the final hand and won €1572.
 Feb 23 2019
I reached day #2 of the main event in HC Scheveningen. 64 players remaining. Lets do it.
 Feb 21 2019
Some late updates: I ended unfortunately as 15th in the main event of HC Utrecht. I got it in on the flop 795 with 79 against 66, but the turn was a 6 knocking me out. :-(
It was for a pot of approx. 1,7M which, if I would have won the hand, would certainly get me to the ft the next day. Oh well, that's poker.

For the next 3 days I'm in HC Scheveningen. Tomorrow is the main event. So wish me luck.
 Jan 30 2019
No luck in the 450 progressive bounty, but I did reach Day 2 of the 330 fo. Thursday at 18:00 is the final.
 Jan 3 2019
The next tournament I will play is in HC Utrecht On January 29. I want to play all events there.
 Jan 1 2019
All the best wishes for 2019!!