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 Oct 1 1998
At E-Live we release a 2-track limited cd-single E-Live '98 which contains an improvisation song 'Valö by Night' from our Sweden concert and an improvisation song After the Stripper from a concert at a private party organized by Cees Wensveen.
 Jul 1 1998
James Clent and I finish a new song for the cd Four, the Truth. It's called 'Straight Ahead'.
 Jun 16 1998
A limited edition cd-r becomes available with the music from the Sweden concert. Originally intended as a 'souvenir' for the fans that intended but due to popular demand this cd-r is still available as BAH! Live in Sweden.
 Jun 1 1998
After a long trip I perform live on June 1st with Ron Boots and Harold van der Heijden in Sweden on the island Valö.
 Apr 1 1998
We had a stall at the Schwingungen Wahl, organized by Winfrid Trenkler, in Duisburg, Germany on April 25th. We came with John Dyson because he had won a price.
 Jan 26 1998
On January 26 I performed life during the Schallwende Awards in Essen, Germany together with my good friend James Clent. On that day I'm also rewarded with two prices. I become second in the category Best CD Cover and second in the category Best Newcomer.
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 Nov 1 1997
Part 3 in the Truth series is released. It's called The Truth is Twisted. and I have co-composed three tracks on it. With Ron Boots 'The Sensation of the Vortex', with Harold van der Heijden 'Asylum' and with Alpha Wave Movement 'Alien Artifacts of Ice'.
 Oct 1 1997
My first solo cd "Slices of Time" is released.
 Sep 1 1997
Live performance The Truth Comes Alive in Eindhoven.