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Kees Aerts

Below you will find all the places where I've performed live, either solo or with friends.
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New Year Concert 2010
January 16 2010
Oirschot, The Netherlands


E-Day 2008
April 13 2008
Eindhoven, the Netherlands


June 11 2005
Nieuwegein, the Netherlands


E-Live 2002
September 21 2002
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Schallwende Elections
January 26 2002
Bürgerhaus Essen-Oststadt, Germany


Summer Space Party
July 22 2000
Essen, Germany


Groove Promotional Festival
October 30 1999
Huizen, the Netherlands
Jam session, Schallwende Barbecue
August 7 1999
Essen, Germany
CEOS festival
March 13 1999
Cologne, Germany


E-Live 1998
October 17 1998
De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Concert organized by C. Ende
September 26 1998
Bonn, Germany
Private Party organized by Cees Wensveen
August 22 1998
Vierhouten, the Netherlands
Jam session, Schallwende Barbecue
June 20 1998
Essen, Germany
June 1 1998
Valo, Sweden

In the summer of 1998 Ron, Kees and Harold, teaming up under the name of 'BAH!' (Boots, Aerts and van der Heijden), went on a unique trip to Sweden. Winfried Trenkler organized a very special festival on the island Valö, called 'Euro-Sonic'. It was a long trip by car, bus and boat but it was worth it, a great happening. There was a small stage with a fine view on the mountains. In spite of the fact that it was summer, it was rather cold on the island.

The trip was exhausting but a great weekend out. We still talk today of the fun we had with the boys of John Dyson. I don't think one of us has laughed more in a weekend than on that trip. Our concert was a pleasure to do. The environment of the Swedish woods and lakes was perfect.

The music we played was released on a cd-r called BAH! Live in Sweden. The cd-r is just how the show sounded and the first intention was just to give the attendees a sort of souvenir. Due to popular demand it's still for from Groove Unlimited. The cd-r contains Boots-classics like 'Detachment', 'Breath' and 'Gibberish' but also a truly fantastic new track called 'Flyby'.

On 1998 a special cd-single was released called E-Live ‘98. It's a limited edition of 500 copies and the first track 'Valö By Night' was recorded during this concert. It's a unique, totally improvised track.

February 1 1998
Duisburg, Germany


The Truth comes Alive
September 13 1997
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Schallwende Grill Fest
June 21 1997
Gruga Park, Essen, Germany